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Search Engines Controll The World, Therefore Who Controlls The Search Engines Controlls the World

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Search Engines rule the world

The tought that search engines control the world might sound funny to some but for the people living nowadays life without searching for something every single day on Google, Yahoo, MSN (actually only Google, sorry for the other big guys) is not possible.So if that's true whoever controlls them controlls the masses.SOund evil I know but maybe that's the reason why people don't like Google, they are just affraid from what they have.
I myself don't want to manipulate You or whoever is searching the Net, the reason I'm doing this for a living is because it's not a Science it's Art.You just never know if you made it, first you have to try, this something that hinders many newborn artist.Try - Error, Try - Error is a principle I adore.
This blog is all about this new giants and the endless tries to go past their big walls and arrive at the most wanted place in the Net, the top 10 results page.


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